About Us

About Stratigraphix: We are based in Colorado, USA with offices in Westminster and Ouray. Our strategic locations allow close access to the USGS national core repository in Lakewood, fantastic outcrops in the Front Range and Wyoming, and the Book Cliffs of Utah.

Proximity to the field allows us to provide affordable, high-quality field trips to oil and gas professionals and students alike. Unlike many of our competitors we dont have to fly our instructor from the UK or Houston to Colorado. Our field office is located in picturesque Ouray, and it takes us less than two hours to get to the world-famous Book Cliffs.



Our mission is not to be the largest consulting firm, but to be your training and service provider of choice.


Since our inception we have tried to establish long-term relationships with our clients. It takes years to establish a reputation and our vision is to have life-long clients that trust us completely based on our track record.


  • Globally Mobile:We have trained professionals worldwide - we have no geographic restrictions

  • Safety:We have been accident free on all our field trips since the establishment of our company

  • Environment:We ensure that no-one litters, and follow a 'leave-no-trace' policy on our field trips

  • Respectful:We ensure we treat ALL our clients with the same respect, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity or experience-level

  • Affordable:We are not cheap, but very competitive. We strongly urge you to compare the cost of courses and field trips we offer with those of our competitors.

What makes us Different?

We Are Professionals

We are a group of consultants with a shared experience that spans over 20 countries and 30 oil and gas companies. All our consultants are multilingual and are used to working across cultural boundaries. All our consultants have either doctoral degrees or have over 30 years of industry experience.

We Are Collaborative

We know the limitations of our knowledge and experience. We collaborate with highly experienced professional consulting firms to fill this void. Therefore if your needs lie beyond the realm of our expertise we will involve our partners and they will step-in to provide excellent service.

We are efficient

Unlike most of our competitors, we are a small company, and we use that to our advantage. We don't deal with thousands of participants in hundreds of courses, and therefore you are not a statistic!

Every participant and client matters, and we try our best to develop a one-on-one relationship with you. Dr. Jaffri maintains contact with individuals who participated in his earliest courses.

When you contact us, your e-mail is not answered by a secretary who has never met the CEO - its read and responded to by Dr. Jaffri, and that too within 6 hours.

We are inclusive

Unlike some of our competitors we do not require our clients to be part of an "alliance" to be eligible for courses. Anyone, anywhere can take a course with us regardless of their company and location.


Dr. Ali Jaffri Eighteen years of experience in sedimentology and stratigraphy projects that range from leading geology field trips, seismic stratigraphy for prospect evaluation, facies geomodeling, and description of over 3 kilometers of core on a cm-scale. I have been fortunate enough to offer expertise on a variety of basins including the San Juan, Powder River, Denver-Julesburg, Piceance, Uinta, Paradox, Williston, San Joaquin, Dallas-Fort Worth, North Sea, Lower and Middle Indus Basins, Barents Sea, Offshore East and West Africa, Taranaki Basin, Offshore Mid-Norway, Kohat-Potohar Basin.

My greatest strength lies in the ability to tackle carbonates and clastics with equal proficiency thanks to my Ph.D. work on mixed carbonate-clastic successions. In 2012 I founded Applied Stratigraphix in just six years we have a client base that comprises of 29 companies from majors to small independents across the globe.

Major expertise:

  • Carbonate and Mixed Carbonate-Silicicastic-Evaporite Systems
  • Seismic Stratigraphy
  • Carbonate Petrology (microfacies)
  • Core description and Facies Analysis
  • Professional Geoscience Training

Angel Meso is an Electronic Engineer from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela with 30 years of experience in wireline services. Angel has worked in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, USA (Houston), Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar
Graduated as Petrophysicist at Schlumberger Log Analysts Training school in Paris on 1991, Angel has evaluated more than 300 wells and dictated more than 100 courses on several different countries for customers like PDVSA, OXY, ENI, Repsol, Petrobras, YPF, and Chevron.

Major expertise:

  • Petrophysics
  • Log Quality Control
  • VSP
  • Professional training in Petrophysics and Log Analysis

Abbas Jaffri has over 30 years of management experience and has arranged logistics for several geology-field trips for both siliciclastics and carbonates. He is in-charge of the field trips in northern Pakistan for fractured carbonate reservoirs and for tidal and deltaic systems field trips along the Colorado-Utah border in the U.S.

You can know more about Abbas Jaffri at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaffriabbas

Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation session. We can do this by screen-sharing on skype or if you send us your data (screen shots of seismic, borehole image logs, core photos etc.)